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The States

of South Asia

‘The States of South Asia’

This is a free interactive online portal that compiles political, economic, social, demographic, policy and geographic data on the countries of South Asia (India, Pakistan, Nepal, Sri Lanka, the Maldives, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Afghanistan and Myanmar). The project launches with a pilot of India, in time for the Lok Sabha Elections of April-May 2019; using data from the Census of India, Election Commission of India, charities, think tanks and various government departments, the map visualises key data sets of over 1.3 billion people across India. The South Asia Centre acknowledges the financial support of the LSE Knowledge Exchange and Impact Fund, the LSE US Centre for sharing expertise of their award-winning project ‘The States of the States’, and SOAK for their design of the portal.


This version of ‘The States of South Asia’ is a pilot. The boundaries of India conform to the official boundary as outlined by the Ordnance Survey of India with the exception of Lakshadweep Islands which is not represented due to a last-minute technical failure. The site contains information and data compiled by LSE South Asia Centre. While the information presented here has been compiled very carefully and is deemed accurate at the time of publication, the LSE South Asia Centre does not claim that it is free from error or omission. Users should note that the contemporary relevance of the portal means that the accuracy of information provided here will change constantly. The data and information on the site is made available with the understanding that it will be reviewed and amended after a 3-month period following an internal review in August 2019; the inaccuracy in the map of India will be updated sooner, if possible.

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About the South Asia Centre

The States of South Asia is a project of the LSE South Asia Centre. The LSE South Asia Centre leads LSE’s long-term engagement with the region, harnessing our research and academic expertise to facilitate multi-disciplinary and comparative perspectives on South Asia, whose particularities constantly challenge conventional thinking in the social sciences.

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